Eye Care

The children must get their routine eye check up annually. Everybody above 40 years of age must get check-up for glaucoma, glasses and cataract. Parents are advised to not to allow small children of 2 to 10 years, use electronic gadgets or mobile too frequently, as these may affect their vision. Children should be encouraged to play outdoor activities.

Skin care in summers

Keep your skin hydrated. Have 8 to 10 glasses of plain filtered water daily to help maintain critical moisture balance of the body and skin as higher temperature and more time outdoors leads to internal dehydration.

Apply moisture twice daily on the skin after proper cleaning.

Persons with acne should apply water based moisturizes (non comedogenic)

Apply sunscreen as UV light causes photo-aging in the form of brown spots, pigmentations, coarse skin, wrinkles and redness on burning. Daily application of sunscreen 20 minutes beforehand stepping out in the sun, help’s to fight these signs of photo damage. If a person is staying outdoors for more time, he/she should apply sunscreen every 2 hrs.

To take diet that’s rich in anti-oxidants - Antioxidants are very important to maintain a healthy and flawless skin. Following some food items, rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A, E, C, Lycopene etc, prove to be a valuable resource in skin-care.

General fitness with Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Advice It is common to suffer from aches and pains in the body .One reason is that you have suffered an injury from an accident during sports or similar outdoor activity .Other reason arises from your life style and occupation. Either you lead sedentary lives with very less exercise and movement of the body, or you lead stressful life, performing desk jobs coupled with long working hours spent looking down with your gaze fixated on laptop screens or books. When such aches and pains become a constant feature of your daily life, it is a cause of worry. In such situations, you need to consult a competent professional physiotherapist and thereafter take your physiotherapy sessions extremely seriously. Let us understand the sheer importance and multiple benefits of engaging in physiotherapy for your mental and physical health.

First –Physiotherapy ensures slow, steady and sustainable repair of the body.

Second – Physiotherapy works towards restoring a balanced emotional mental state which is crucial for holistic treatment.

Third- Exercises recommended in physiotherapy yield multiple benefits by exercising the whole body overall

Forth – Continuous physiotherapy keeps Neurological Disorders in a controlled State.

Fifth – Physiotherapy is an excellent healer of cardio pulmonary issues in the body.

So it is time to wake up and put a stop to the self–treatment mode that you may be in because ignorance is not always bliss.